The Kurds are pressing America to find a solution to the issue of “Afrin” and ENKS Keep out of operation

The Kurds are pressing America to find a solution to the issue of “Afrin” and ENKS Keep out of operation – Soras Ahmed

The Turkish state continues to occupy the city of “Afrin” and the occupation since 18/03/2018 until this moment, after a military operation launched by the TURKISH state with the participation of hundreds of Syrian armed factions, including factions of the National Army of the Syrian coalition, of which the Kurdish National Council is a part.

The clashes lasted about two full months,the people’s protection units during it was trying not to topple the city and occupy it by the Turkish army, but TURKISH used all its ground and air forces to do so.

The United States of America is taking the Kurdish areas of Syria, Syria’s democratic forces and the protection units of the people as an ally in their fight against terrorism in Syria and providing them with military and material aid, amid opposition from the TURKISH government since the international coalition began its war on terror in Syria.

In this context, the adviser to the joint presidency of the Democratic Union Party, “Sihanouk Dibu”,he told us, “saying”, “Our talks with the international coalition are not based on how the best to deal with terrorism and prevent any attack on northern Syria only,” he said, stressing that in all their talks with the leadership of the International Alliance they focus not only on fighting “ISIS” And the liberation of the Syrian north only But the focus is especially on the liberation of the city of “Afrin”, being a national mission of Syria and directly related to the solution of the Kurdish issue in Syria at the same time.

“Debo” added that it is impossible to talk about resolving the Syrian crisis and its mechanisms if it was the negotiating body and the constitutional committee before ending all forms of terrorism and the Turkish occupation of areas of Syria, foremost “Afrin”.

He emphasized that there isn’t any reason that stopping to unite the Kurdish ranks in Syria , and holding the Kurdistan Conference in general,Whoever hinders this is not interested in the basis of this, so it can not be a party either in unifying the class or holding the Kurdish conference.

The United States and TURKEY hold consultations focused primarily on the issue of the Kurds in Syria and their areas of influence, which is based on the American forces and the International Alliance also, and took the US decision to protect the borders of “Roj-Ava” and the Syrian north, contrary to what was saying by the media of the Kurdish National Council.

Witnessing The areas of “Afrin” are in turmoil and lack of security and stability and daily lives of cases of kidnapping, looting and theft by elements of the Syrian Islamic extremist factions of TURKEY.

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