Burhan Karatei is dead in Turkish prisons

Burhan Karatei is dead in Turkish prisons

Burhan Karatei, 67, was arrested in Kerson prison after a heart attack.

Burhan Karatei, 67, suffered a heart attack yesterday in Kerson prison that led to his death.

Karatei has been in Turkish prisons for three years and 10 months and is being tried in prison, suffering from several diseases as well as heart disease.

The son of prisoner Burhan Karatei said he had previously reported on his father’s health, but nevertheless, with all his attempts, his father was not released.

Karatei said his father contacted him five months ago and told him he needed treatment but the prison administration did not allow it.

Karatai suffered from high blood pressure and had four previous heart attacks.
After his family learned of his death, he went to Khersoni to receive his body and bury the body in Bazid.

Karatay was arrested several times previously as a member of the Bazid provincial council.

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