Afrin citizen was arrested and robbed of an olive crop on charges that his son is in Russia

Afrin citizen was arrested and robbed of an olive crop on charges that his son is in Russia

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Gunmen from the Syrian factions of Turkey kidnapped Mohammed Khalil Amma from Shih district residents of rural Afrin and asked his family to pay ten thousand dollars for his release, 66-year-old citizen, Othman Hamdo, 35-year-old Shikhmus Hasko, were abducted from their orchards while collecting wood from burnt trees by armed elements belonging to Ahrar al-Sharqiya, ninth division .Othman and Sheikh Mouss from the Rajo district in Afrin.
An armed group railed Almas Ozu home ,(63 years old), mother of engineer Salah and Dr. Ali Oso in Afrin city and put weapon in her head and steal jewelry valued at two million Syrian pounds in addition to amount of 450 thousand pounds Syrian pounds and theft house contents of electrical appliances and furnishings and pots and left in a state of fear.

The checkpoint at entrance to the town, called Suleiman Alo checkpoint , belonging to Front Shamya, took attorney power of Amin Khalil Ali from his brother Zakaria him, claiming that his son, Shabih by charge he is regime fighter, prevented him from harvest claim that they will harvesting olives for them .

A group of armed elements belonging to Ahrar al-Sharqiya faction raided Ahmed Mamesh field , residents of the town of Al-Ma’abtli at the village of Amara junction and seizure of six olive flakes and confiscation of his license to harvest the crop, claiming that this field belongs to his son who is in Russia and after his arrest for hours was released because of his health.

At entrance to the town, checkpoint members called Suleiman Alo harassed the Kurdish women only, returning from the olive fields and demanding identification cards. They also asked one of the women to remove the cover from her mouth, but she refused and there was a verbal quarrel between them. He left tractor and continued his continue towards the town.

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