The US Central Command officially announces its readiness to prevent any attacks and calls some “dirty actors”

The US Central Command officially announces its readiness to prevent any attacks and calls some “dirty actors”

A few days after the Turkish attacks on Roj Ava Kurdistan and the conduct of international coalition forces patrols with the Syrian Democratic forces to deter Turkish attacks,
The US Central Command (CANTCOM) announced on Sunday the words of Colonel Shin Rhein
On Monday that US forces are ready to prevent any new attacks in the region and is ready to face “threats of malicious players” in the region, in reference to the recent Turkish moves on the border with Syria.
Speaking of US patrols with allies in Syria’s democratic forces, Rein said US forces had begun patrolling along the north-eastern border of Syria for “countering the threats of malicious players” in the region, referring to Turkish moves and attacks on the territory of Roj Ava Kurdistan.

Rein said in a statement to channel “Al – Hura” That US patrols are being carried out in cooperation with allies in the Syrian Democratic Forces (QSD).

Sources in the US Department of Defense for “Al – Hura” Monday, that US forces in the region, especially those deployed in Syria and Iraq, raised levels of readiness to face the possibility of terrorist groups supported by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, specifically the ” Faylaq al -Quds ” attacks targeting US interests.

The sources, who asked not to be named, said that “Iranian adventures aimed at revenge the security of members of the US armed forces will be absolutely unsuccessful,” and that the capabilities of the United States and its partners in the region are ready to deal with any irresponsible breaches.

It should be noted that Security measures taken by US forces in the region are part of emergency plans
 Or the so-called Contingency Plans, which US military commanders adopt whenever there is information about a hidden threat somewhere.

This comes in response to the possibility of reprisals by Iranian groups following the entry of the widest package of US sanctions against the Islamic Republic.

It should be noted that these statements come days after the Turkish threats and bombardment of some Kurdish villages on the border with “Turkey” to reassure the leadership of Syria’s democratic forces.

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