America is committed to protecting its Kurdish partners and stopping Turkish attacks on their areas of protection

America is committed to protecting its Kurdish partners and stopping Turkish attacks on their areas of protection

To comment on the statements, which are clear and direct by the US Central Command “Shen Ryan” that the US forces are ready to prevent any new attacks in the region, and is ready to face “threats of malicious players” in the region in reference to the recent Turkish moves on the border with Syria,Our correspondent “Xeber 24” conducted a dialogue with the Kurdish political analyst Zanar Ali Hussein, who explained that these statements are direct and clear and that America is obliged to protect their partners.
Hussein said Monday that US forces are committed to protecting their allies (the Syrian Democratic Forces and the People’s Protection Units) and that US forces will lose most of their influence in Syria and that most of their troops are present in Roj Ava Kurdistan. In the area of ​​Kubani, Cree Sabi, Al-Hasakah, Al-Shadadi, Tal Tamr, Qamishlo and Rumailan. The American presence is very small at Al-Tanf base and does not compare with its bases and forces in the areas of the People’s Protection Units.
Hussein pointed out that without the presence of Kurdish forces in the north-east of Syria there will be no US presence in Syria and in the north-east of Syria and will lose its presence in the region almost completely and will not be left only the base Altnf which Russia works by various means to get them out, To protect its partners “Syria’s democratic forces” and to prevent any military attacks launched by Turkey in the region.
Hussein said that Russia was pressing Turkey to launch attacks on Syria’s democratic forces across its border with the aim of thwarting the US project in the region after the United States confirmed that it would not withdraw its troops from Rouge Afay Kordestani in northeastern Syria in the near term. Russia will almost completely lose the region. Therefore, the US is working to protect its presence in northeastern Syria by protecting its allies, the “Syrian Democratic Forces”.
Pointing out that the US forces will not withdraw from the region in the medium term because America confirms that it will not withdraw until the withdrawal of Iranian forces from Syria, and this requires a long time.

Hussein stressed that US forces would protect their allies “Syrian Democratic Forces” if there was a serious Turkish threat, which is clearly evident from statements by the US Central Command.

He said that America is silent and does not make statements because it does not want to clash with Turkey and is trying to absorb its reaction through this silence, but it will prevent any serious attacks directed by their forces and the forces of their allies.

He also noted that Turkey, along with the Syrian opposition, is deliberately publishing news that the Turkish army is an invincible army. These are baseless reports originating in Turkish intelligence. These is part of the psychological war.  , And that the units of protection of the people with their weak available capabilities was able to resist the second largest army in NATO, “Turkish army” for two months and suffered heavy losses in the number and gear, and even dropped its modern reconnaissance aircraft in addition to its sophisticated.

He explained that the Turkish moves on the border intensively is to pressure America and blackmail for gains and concessions, not only in Syria, but at the Turkish level, both internal and external.

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