Many “terrorists” have left Syria through Turkey to Europe … Paris accuses Syrians of “terrorism”

Many “terrorists” have left Syria through Turkey to Europe … Paris accuses Syrians of “terrorism”

After the liberation of Syria’s democratic forces Al-Tabqa city more than a year ago and tighten the screws on the organization “Da’ash” in the capital alleged “Al-Raqa” fled a lot of the organization to Turkey across the areas of the “Dire Al-Euphrates ” and reported reports and the Syrian Observatory at the time that Turkey collected elements of the organization fleeing from Syria As a prelude to move them to another place, and it seems that many of the elements of the elements have already reached to Europe through Turkey.
A French judicial source said yesterday that two members of the family of Syrian origin were accused of “belonging to a criminal terrorist network” after being suspended Tuesday after publishing an online video of a person who announced his pledge to organize a terrorist “da’ash”. The source added that one of them was imprisoned and the other was placed under judicial supervision.
Syria’s democratic forces are holding more than 700 of Da’ash from 44 countries including France, which they refuse to welcome, fearing terrorist attacks on their soil.

According to a source close to the investigation suspected of being one of the two people appeared in the video, but «it did not arrive at this stage to a plan to launch an attack».

Seven other members of the family were arrested Tuesday in Mann, western France, and five were released without prosecution.

A total of 246 people have been killed in terrorist attacks in France since January 2015.

For years, Turkey has been exploiting European countries and threatening them with terrorists, for whom Turkey will open the border and move to Europe and get what they ask for.

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