The procedures of reply as soon as the values ​​of our people and its gains are compromised

The procedures of reply as soon as the values ​​of our people and its gains are compromised

The Turkish state under the leadership of Recep Tayyip Erdogan no longer sees any importance in the policy of relying on the local agents and agents in Syria or those who reside in its areas, especially after it became clear that the Turkish role and its policy in Syria is clear as it is a clear and direct hostile role without regard to considerations Legal or international. The attack on Afrin on January 20, 2018, and before it the provocations that took place along the border line, was in full view and silence by the forces in Syria, which is keen to create a solution, and by many institutions responsible for increasing hostility and raising the pace of Before “Erdogan”.

What can be said in the current circumstances and the current situation when we deal with the situation in the north and east of Syria is that there is a power and a popular will in which all components are shared. It has been proven conclusively over the past years that the people in the north and east of Syria have a project and solutions to the solution, and it has a real effectiveness in changing the course of things in Syria towards the stage where there is less is terrorism by the elimination the terrorism . and the direct confrontation with the extreme project First and later the support of the coalition in completing the plans and principles that our people believed in, when he chose his decision to defend everyone without exception through the decision to eliminate terrorism wherever it is.
Erdogan’s position, which he always wants to prove in Syria, does not need to be analyzed or extrapolated to the hidden aspects of it. He does not even need to conduct studies to understand him. Erdogan is at the internal and external levels. About the situation in Syria.

At the external level, Erdogan aims to take advantage of the conflict between Russia and America for decades. This is a key aspect of his tactical policy, and he seeks to adopt the Turkish-based coalition as a political front for Syria and present it as the solution (Which pleases Turkey). Erdogan, in dealing with the international silence about his attacks on areas inside Syria and the occupation of other regions, is not deterred from relying on his understandings with important countries that have an influential role in Syria, except that Turkey opposes any Syrian-Syrian consensus. Through the rounds and negotiations that occur, and each time Turkey is looking for the opportunity to impede these talks by exercising its powers to prevent the will of solution and the participation of the actual representatives of the Syrian people.
At the domestic level, Turkey is pursuing its fascist offensive and is seeking, with all its means, to create the right environment for the return of extremism to Syria, whether by offering an opportunity to “reorganize” its ranks, as it did in the battle for revenge for the liberation of al-Raqqa and many other areas of the attack Direct on “Afrin”. Turkey also seeks to prevent the development of the democratic project on its border with Syria (north and east of Syria) and wants through its threats and direct attacks to strike at the stability in our regions, a clear message that Turkey does not want stability in any Syrian region, It also supports the war and considers it necessary for Turkey. It also wants to strengthen the conflict, fighting and clashes between the Syrian people and the state of war that it does not want to end.
Our people must be vigilant at all stages and in all circumstances, and must strive with all the possessions to preserve the gains, in the event of an attack or attack Turkish or other. Our people must rise up and bring to the whole world the truth of what is going on and the truth of their quest for a solution and democracy. National responsibility and national duty must not be directed or appealed in this case. Rather, they should be a natural and self-evident measure in order to meet the values, achievements and victories of our people. All actors, elements and institutions in marches to reject such attacks and attacks.
Every time we have to demand the right of the people to participate in formulating the future solution to Syria, the message of our people in this tone and this position is strong, in order to prevent any attempt by Erdogan or any other to obstruct the efforts of this people. This pioneering organizational situation and these efforts translate into the magnitude of our people’s influence, role and strength on the ground. The organization of these standards is important to demonstrate the presence of strong in every situation, which contributes to influence the situation in Afrin, by harnessing that organization and attendance in the service of the liberation also, and we have to know that caution is important as long as there is a danger, The preparation will always make progress, and thwart all endeavors against our democratic revolution.

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