Erdogan is distracted from Idlib and he is refresh Da’ash to target areas of American influence committed of silence

Erdogan is distracted from Idlib and he is refresh Da’ash to target areas of American influence committed of silence

The media of the so-called “Syrian opposition” the Kurdish National Council’s partners, as well as the Kurdish National Council’s media, have long been systematically publishing what they say is information from Turkish sources that the radical Islamists are preparing to launch attacks on the administrative Self areas.

The attacks carried out by Turkey on Kobany a few days ago and Kri Sbi on Wednesday night and Wednesday morning, attacks by elements of the “Euphrates Shield” consisting of extremist Islamic groups that abandoned its “revolution” in favor of the regime and the Russians on the orders of their conference, “Recep Tayyip Erdogan” on Manbaj military council Despite the spread of Turkish patrols in extremist areas to prevent them from carrying out any provocative attacks or acts in the region, but they turn their work in a deliberate manner.

Erdogan admitted yesterday that Idlib does not matter in an attempt to ignore the failure of the agreement, which was agreed with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin in Sochi, which requires the withdrawal of Islamic extremist groups and terrorist elements and weapons from the “demilitarized zone in the countryside of Idlib and Hama, Lattakia and Aleppo, A confession that he would hand over to the Syrian regime but wants to divert direct attention to it until its deal is made and attention is directed towards the regions of northeastern Syria, “Roj Ava Kurdistan.”
For its part, the media affiliated to the so-called “Syrian opposition” systematically published news of the approach of the “rebels” a broad offensive from Mnbj to Cree Sbi and Sri Kaniye with the support of the Turkish army and preparations have been completed for this process.
Observers believe that the Syrian extremist groups of Turkey and after the surrender of weapons and the withdrawal of elements from the countryside Idlib will be used by Turkey to launch new attacks on areas of Kurdish forces.

Erdogan had said earlier that they would launch an attack on eastern Euphrates in coordination with Russia. The statement was followed by statements by officials of the Syrian regime in Damascus that they would go to the east of the Euphrates to annex them to embrace the capital “Damascus” after the completion of Idlib.

This suggests that there is a tacit agreement between Turkey, Russia and the Syrian regime to target the US project in the region and seek to get them out of these agreements from northern Syria.

“The mercenaries of the Turkish occupation are pushing reinforcements of mercenaries and heavy weapons to the western and northern parts of Aleppo and southern Idlib, 15 days after the expiration of the Russian deadline for Turkey to withdraw mercenaries and their weapons,” said Farhad Shami, a Kurdish journalist.
What is happening is the opposite of what was agreed upon, since the weapons were to be withdrawn and not reinforced by others.

The argument of the mercenaries is the expansion of the Sham Liberation Front in the area after the control of the town of Kafr Hamra in the west of Aleppo, but what is clear is a clear Turkish attempt to evade the agreement and open the way for the mercenaries to attack Aleppo and Hama after the failure of the four-way meeting in Istanbul to take the decision From Russia to remove the specter of war once and for all. Putin stressed that the agreement is temporary and Russia will not hesitate to support the Syrian army if the provocations of the mercenaries of Erdogan continue, which happens on a daily basis.

The Syrian army has carried out maneuvers over the past few days on the outskirts of Idlib, and senior intelligence and military leaders have visited the area and a number of them have been stationed at Abu al-thuhur airport in Idlib.

It seems that the Sochi agreement is fragile, contrary to what Erdogan and Putin have been promoting. They will not last long with serious preparations by mercenaries, especially the radicals, to open the Hama and Aleppo front, and the repeated attack on the city of Mara, which began recruiting mercenaries again.

Thus, Erdogan has distracted Erdogan from what is happening in Idlib from the failure to control the front of the victory and get them out of the demilitarized zone.

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