The Pentagon ends Turkey’s dream and the full debate about Manbeg in syria

The Pentagon ends Turkey’s dream and the full debate about Manbeg in syria

The US Defense Department has confirmed that US forces have completed the training of Turkish military personnel to conduct joint US-Turkish patrols outside the city of Manbaj rather than within it, as Turkey has consistently promoted.
“Preparations have been completed for joint patrols outside the city of Manbeg, and the forces of the two countries (Turkey and the United States) are taking their places to start these patrols,” White House spokesman Shawn Robertson told reporters.
Robertson, who declined to give the timing of the start of the patrols, noted that in the course of the preparation of the missions, US and Turkish forces’ ability to conduct joint operations was synchronized and security issues were discussed in their joint tactical operations.
He said that the troops participating in the patrols received many exercises, including weapons training, conduct and disconnect communication,Procedures for manually manufactured explosives, and stabilization of traffic control points.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has always threatened to launch a military operation against the Syrian city of Manbij, but the United States has prevented Turkey from launching military attacks and deployed its military forces in the city and its environs.
Turkey has claimed that it will conduct joint patrols with US forces inside Manbeg, but the United States has confirmed that the city is safe and stable and that the patrols will be outside the city and on the points of contact between the Council of Menbeg military and the extremist Syrian Islamic factions that cooperate with the Turkish occupier inside Syrian territory.

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