Elham Ahmed: Rule in Syria according to old constitution to bring disaster to Syrians

Elham Ahmed: Rule in Syria according to old constitution to bring disaster to Syrians

Elham Ahmed said that the Syrian society would be in a state of catastrophe if the regime would follow the same constitution and the same mentality, and Turkey’s staying in Idlib means annexing another piece of Syrian territory to Turkey.

This came during a meeting with the co-chair of the Executive Body of the Syria’s Democratic Council (MSD), Elham Ahmed, where she highlighted Idlib issue and what happened there.

Elham said at the beginning of her speech that the Idlib issue is sensitive and important in the history of the Syrian crisis, pointing out that many countries are placing their hopes on this city.

Elham focused on the mercenary factions there and said, “The factions are mostly terrorist factions, such as Jabhet al-Nusra and its affiliated factions. Even the factions they call radicalism have this character. The Syrian regime and Russia tried to launch a military campaign, but the international resolutions prevented that.”

On the same subject, Elham said, “The Syrian regime has placed its hopes on controlling Idlib; therefore, the entire Syrian territory. If the regime controls the entire territory and remains with the same constitution and the same central mentality, thousands of Syrians will be killed.”

In her speech, Elham stressed that Turkey’s staying in Idlib means the annexation of another piece of the Syrian territory to the Turkish territory.

If this happens, it means dividing Syria. It is necessary to preserve the unity of the Syrian territory without Turkey and its factions’ remaining, and a democratic regime must be adopted in Syria.”

As for the mercenary factions in Syria, Elham Ahmed pointed out that they constitute a disaster for the Syrian people and women in particular.

What we have seen in recent years has been a disaster for the Syrian people, especially women. Today, we see the inhumane violations committed in Idlib, Afrin and Jarabulus, al-Bab and Azaz, where people are displaced from those areas.

Elham said at the same regard, “Idlib has become a small Syria due to the arrival of hundreds of thousands of Syrians to it. The people are suffering from the regime there. The Idlib issue must be handled carefully and with deliberate plans, whether by international agreement or among the Syrians themselves. This region needs an urgent treatment.”

Elham pointed out that the formation of a council for the indigenous people of Idlib and leaving the administration to them is important, she added, “We have said that the factions present there are a disaster, even confronting them in ways that do not serve the Syrians is a disaster so we must form a council for the people of Idlib and leave the governorate administration in the framework of democracy to serve the unity of Syrian territory.”

Elham highlighted another topic and said, “Turkey from time to time comes out its agents in demonstrations to support it. In fact, they do not represent the people of Idlib, they are the followers of Turkey.”

On the regard of the Turkish-Russian agreement on Idlib, Elham pointed out that breaking out some skirmishes between the regime and the factions of Turkey does not mean the end of the agreement, “It is certain that the two parties will offer concessions to each other now to show that their agreement is successful, but the deadline that has been set for Turkey to take out the gangs has been extended. If the factions do not leave the demilitarized zone, I think that the regime and Russia will launch a military campaign against Idlib. Now, they are waiting for skirmishes to prove to everyone that the agreement is over. Idlib is Syria’s land and reaching stability there is important for all Syrians.”

Elham concluded her speech, “The threats that say that the Russians and the Syrian regime will go to the areas of East Euphrates in the case of the completion of the Idlib issue do not serve the Syrian-Syrian dialogue. This is difficult. It will lead to total destabilization in Syria. Whatever happens, we will choose a peaceful solution and the Syrian-Syrian dialogue for all issues.”

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