The Outcome Of The Clashes In Fighting ISIS

The Outcome Of The Clashes In Fighting ISIS

1– Al-Bagouz section : ISIS was doing some movemnets in that part, Our fighters targeted them, then there were clashes in six locations using heavy and light weapons, our troops targeted one of ISIS vehicles while trying to pull back from clashes location, as a result; 4 ISIS membere were killed in those clashes.

also, the Coalitiion’s artillary had shelled different location for ISIS, plus some airstrikes were carried on ISIS locations.

during the night, ISIS had launched an attack on our troops in Soussa town, heavy clashes were broke out, as a result; many of ISIS fighters were killed during those clashes, 10 of ISIS deadbodies were seized by our forces, meanwhile; our forces were able to destroy one of ISIS car bombs and killing 2 sucide attacker who tried to reach our fighters.

2 – Hajin section: clashes were reported in that part, plus some exchange shelling using mortars, ISIS had tried many times to launch attacks on our locations, but our troops were able to push them back.

3. outcomes of the clashes:

– 51 ISIS fighters were killed, 10 of their deadbodies were seized by our forces.

– destroying a car bomb for ISIS, plus a military vehicle.

– Weapons seized by our forces : 1 PKS gun, 2 suicide belts, some AK guns.

– 18 airstrkies on ISIS postions.

– 7 artillary rounds on ISIS locations.

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