Opening Of “Women’s House” In Sowaydia Kabera Village

Opening Of “Women’s House” In Sowaydia Kabera Village

Tabqa- Women’s Council was opened in Sowaydia Kabera village “Women’s House”, in an official presence of the Civil Democratic Administration of Tabqa city and a number of village women and a broad public presence.

The opening began by a minute of silence on the souls of the martyrs followed by a number of speeches.

” walaa AL-Naji ” member of Women’s Committee delivered a speech on behalf of the democratic civil administration in Tabqa, she praised the opening of the house and confirmed that the opening in the village was an appreciation and respect for women and to identify their problems and difficulties, especially when the terrorist organizations were controlled the region.

The word of: “Women’s House” in Sowaydia Kabera village “Samira Al-Abdullah” a member of the House blessed the opening and said:

“We congratulate every woman for her freedom,” “The opening of this house is the biggest proof that women have their rights they have been deprived of in the past years. women are a half of the society and with men they complete themselves and complete society.

The mother of the martyr Mohammed Abu Arab cut the opening bar of the house in Swedia Kabera village.

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