Battle to defeat terrorism liberated areas, inflicted IS with losses

Battle to defeat terrorism liberated areas, inflicted IS with losses

The battle to defeat terrorism achieved during the last 24 hours a significant advance in several axes and inflicted IS mercenaries with losses in souls and equipment. Moreover, it liberated half of al-Soseh town, while the battles are still on going in all the axes.
The media center of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) issued a statement disclosing the outcome of the battle to defeat terrorism during the last 24 hours and it included,

“1- Baguz axis: The terrorists of IS mercenaries tried to attack our forces’ sites and in the result, fierce clashes erupted and our artillery shelled the terrorists’ positions. That front witnessed clashes with PKC machine guns and RBG launchers when the terrorists tried to attack our sites with Dushka from several sides, while the contact lines between our fighters and IS terrorists got quite.

In the first axis, the fighters progressed 3 km.

In the second axis, they progressed 2 km.

In the third axis, the fighters advanced 3 km.

Although, the terrorists tried to obstruct our fighters’ progression, our forces continued advancing and managed to destroyed a trench of IS mercenaries, and one of the Global Coalition’s aircrafts launched aerial raids against IS’ sites as it killed 4 terrorists.

In al-Soseh side, our fighters managed to progress in one axis and 17 points were installed as the terrorists attempted to obstruct our progression by blasting a booby-trapped vehicle that resulted in martyring two fighters and wounding 3 others. In the result, our fighters closed all the bypasses that lead to that area.

Within the battles ongoing between our forces and IS terrorists on the surrounding of al-Soseh town, our forces launched a surprise attack on their fortifications inside the town and clashed with them directly in their strongholds.

The clashes that started in the morning are still ongoing amid a significant progression of our forces inside al-Soseh and the terrorists backed away towards the center of the town. Within the ongoing battles inside al-Soseh, our forces controlled half of the town.

In the ongoing battles inside the town and its surrounding, our forces managed to sniper a suicidal with booby-trapped vehicle in the surrounding of Mozan village (al-Sefaqina) and that resulted in killing him and controlling the booby-trapped vehicle by our forces.

2- Hajin axis: The thunderstorm witnessed in the area on Sunday evening led to blasting 3 mines planted by the terrorists in the surrounding of our forces’ positions without any wounds mentioned.

3- Al-Behra axis: IS terrorists launched two thermal missiles towards one of our military vehicles loaded by Dushka and that resulted in inflicting damage to it while no fighter got wounded. That was followed by bombarding our fighters’ positions with mortars and nobody got hurt.

That area witnessed movements of the enemy as our forces targeted those movements. Moreover, an aircraft of the International Coalition launched two aerial raids against the terrorists’ sites in that axis.

Furthermore, our special units managed to find out and dismantle a big number of mines and bombs which were planted by IS mercenaries in the surrounding of al-Jardi village that is adjacent to Abu Hamam village near al-Behra town.

The bombs which were dismantled included various kinds of miens with great quantities as IS mercenaries planted them on the common roads used by the people in their daily life, exploiting the dust storm that has previously invaded the area.

4- The final outcome of the clashes:

The aerial raids carried out by the Global Coalition: 7 aerial raids.

The points installed: 63 points.

The terrorists’ killed: 14 terrorists.

The terrorists’ losses: 3 buildings and fortifications in addition to a trench and a bulldozer were destroyed.

The number of our martyrs: 2 fighters martyred in the result of blasting a booby-trapped vehicle.

The number of our wounded: 3 of our fighters got wounded during the battles.”

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