YPG: With al-Raqqa liberation, reactionary mentality defeated

YPG: With al-Raqqa liberation, reactionary mentality defeated

The General Command of the People Protection Units (YPG) congratulated on the first anniversary of al-Raqqa liberation and made clear that with al-Raqqa liberation, the reactionary and retarded mentality defeated.
The General Command of YPG issued a statement on the occasion of the first anniversary of al-Raqqa liberation, and it included,

“In 2017, al-Raqqa city in the Syrian north was liberated from IS mercenaries after a great resistance. We congratulate our people in Rojava and North Syria and all humanity on the occasion of the first anniversary of al-Raqqa liberation. On this occasion, we commemorate our martyrs who achieved victory in al-Raqqa liberation campaign by virtue of their sacrifices. With their continuous resistance for more than a year, SDF, YPG and YPJ liberated this city which the mercenaries took as a capital of their alleged caliphate. This resistance defeated the reactionary and backward mentality.

IS mercenaries committed the most hideous practices against the people and desecrated the religions and traditions in Rojava, Syria and Iraq areas and in all the areas that they have occupied since 2014. They received support from the Turkish occupation army and many international forces that wanted to control all the strategic areas in each of Syria and Iraq and to turn into an active force in the Middle East. Al-Raqqa liberation was not only a blow against IS mercenaries, it was a blow to IS supporters as well; a blow against those troops that wanted to control the area via IS.

Al-Raqqa liberation did not only affect the area, but also affected the international arena and the struggle of the resistant peoples. With al-Raqqa liberation, the reactionary mentality that denies the personality of women defeated and was replaced by the mentality of the free society.

Al-Raqqa liberation enraged some parties so they worked on organizing a new conspiracy and preparing for a new attack to eliminate the gains of the Kurdish people. The Turkish occupation state that has wanted to dominate Rojava since years interfered after IS mercenaries were defeated.

Al-Raqqa liberation campaign had a great role in deploying security and safety in the area. On this occasion, we salute all our fighters in the ranks of SDF, YPG and YPJ who participated in al-Raqqa liberation campaign. Once again, we commemorate our martyrs with appreciation.”

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