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After Losing The Land and Resources, Da’ash Finds The Key To The Rescue ” Turkey “

After Losing The Land and Resources, Da’ash Finds The Key To The Rescue ” Turkey ” _ Sky News

Sky News reported on Saturday, October 13, 2018, a report entitled “Da’ash” lost the land and retained the funding .. The password Turkey. highlighted that the organization of Da’ash and after the break of his fork and lost about 98 percent of the land that was once controlled, Da’ash the terrorist suffering from a financial distress looking for a solution, and apparently he found it in Turkey.
A report by ” Foreign Policy ” American magazine warned of the return of life to the terrorist organization because of its skill in finding sources of income to finance its operations, especially money laundering operations under the guise of Turkish companies in particular.
He often used the land he controls to raise billions of dollars through extortion, tax, robbery and selling oil, but the organization has proven he can make money even without controlling large population centers.
During its heyday and spread in 2015, Da’ash collected nearly $ 6 billion, making it the richest terrorist group in history. How do it have the equivalent of the GDP of some countries?
When he seized vast tracts of land approaching two-thirds of the territory of Syria and Iraq, he “squeezed” his money from three main sources: oil and gas (about $ 500 million in 2015, mostly through sales), taxes and extortion (about $ 360 million in 2015) ) And the looting of Mosul in 2014 (where he stole about $ 500 million from bank coffers).
Now Da’ash has pushed most of the land he has seized, following the local military campaigns and raids, led by the US-led international coalition, thus stop the flow of revenue and funding drastically reduced, and began a search for other sources to save money without controlling the land.
The organization’s leaders relied on up to $ 400 million they had fled from Iraq and Syria. Foreign Policy said they would launder money through companies in the region, especially in Turkey, while some money could be transferred to gold and stored for sale in the future.
At the same time, even with a dwindling income for Da’ash, the organization’s expenses have also dwindled compared to what it was before. There are no administrative expenses for the land after the loss. With a reduced budget, the funds accumulated will provide the group enough to remain a terrorist movement for Waged a long guerrilla war in Syria and Iraq.
He also supports his “coffers” of various funding sources through a range of new criminal activities, exploiting the deteriorating security situation in both countries, including extortion and kidnapping for ransom, theft, drug trafficking and antiqu trafficking, all of which do not require retention Lands.
It should be noted that the People’s Protection Units clarified several days ago that it is holding 900 pro-Syrian elements in north-east Syria from 44 Arab and foreign countries, and they have entered Turkey over the eight years of the Syrian crisis.

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