The Outcome Of The Engagements In “The Battle To Defeat Terrorism”

The Outcome Of The Engagements In “The Battle To Defeat Terrorism”


1-AL- Baguoz Axis: The axis witnessed violent engagements between our fighters and elements of the terrorist organization, where there were heavy movements of terrorists in the front points of the front, and targeted by our fighters with all force, and the terrorists responded by bombing mortar positions of our fighters, but there were no casualties among our fighters.

Intermittent engagements resumed, with mutual mortar fire.

The Coalition aircraft also carried out several air strikes targeting terrorist positions.

In the early hours of the morning, our fighters advanced a distance of 3 km, following engagements with the terrorists, killing a number of them.

Our forces also managed to install 17 new points. The engineering teams managed to detonate 4 mines planted by the terrorists.

As a result of the exposure of the combat zone to a dusty and dense sandstorm, the terrorist organization tried to exploit the bad weather and to conceal the vision, to launch counter-attacks on our forces and at all the points that had been fixed, but our fighters foiled all attacks after engagements, The battle, where the confrontations took place at very close distances, resulted in the deaths of dozens of terrorists, while the others fled, amid heavy artillery and missile shelling of the coalition forces as well.

2- Hajin axis: After strong engagements in this axis, our fighters provided a distance of / 1 / km and were able to install 20 points after killing a number of terrorists, as well as cutting off all the roads and trenches that could be used by terrorists to launch the opposite attacks on the points of our forces.

The terrorist organization “Daesh” launched a counter-attack on our fighters’ points, taking advantage of bad weather and visibility because of the sandstorm in the area, but our fighters foiled all attacks and returned terrorists.

3- Sousse axis: The streets and neighborhoods of the town (Sousse) witness the most violent engagements at all between our forces and terrorists, “Daesh” amidst difficult weather conditions, where the storms of the air storm sand obscured vision, and the terrorists used to invade the opposite attacks, and responded to our troops and returned on their heels , And the intermittent engagements in the town until the moment of preparation of this proceeds.

4-AL-Bahra axis: the terrorist organization launched a violent attack on the positions of our forces, and erupted violent engagements between our fighters and elements of the organization, in the light of the weather conditions, and killed in the attack a number of terrorists, while the artillery of the Coalition bombing – and intensively – the sites of terrorists, The Coalition Air Force strike two car bombs that the terrorists had prepared to detonate among our fighters. The aircraft also destroyed another vehicle carrying a Dushka machine gun and a bulldozer was destroyed.

5- Outcome of the engagements:

– Number of terrorist deaths: /38 / Terrorist.

– Coalition Air Force strikes: / 12 / strike.

– Strikes of the coalition forces missiles: /33 / A missile type “Hymers”.

– The destruction of 11 sites, including a command center,

– Destruction of a mortar,

– Destruction of two car bombs,

– Destruction of a Dushka vehicle and Destruction of a bulldozer.

– Mines that were detonated: / 4 / Mine.

– Points installed: / 37 / points.

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