Thousands of Afrin people condemned international plot against Ocalan

Thousands of Afrin people condemned international plot against Ocalan

Thousands of Afrin canton’s people organized a protest against the international conspiracy which targeted the Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan under the slogan “We Condemn the 9th October International Conspiracy against the Leader of the Peoples Abdullah Ocalan.”
Thousands of Afrin canton’s people gathered in Ahdath district of al-Shahba canton to participate in a protest to denounce the international conspiracy against the Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan which began when Ocalan exited from Syria on October 9, 1998.

The protesters raised the pictures of the Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan and banners with “The leader Ocalan’s freedom ensures the building of the democratic nation. Afrin will not kneel. No one can block out our sun” written on.

The event began with holding a minute of silence. Then, the audience listened to the words of the Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan who launched the popular revolutions that demanded the freedom of the peoples and how the superpowers betrayed those revolutions in order to serve their interests, and that the Man of strong will would be able to reach his freedom.

Then, the co-chair of the Legislative Council in Afrin canton Mohammed Saeed Yusuf pointed out that the plot targeted the peoples through the conspiracy of the world states wanted to break the will of the people of the area and prevent them from reaching freedom and living in dignity within the philosophy of the democratic nation which calls for peace and the peoples’ fraternity.

He added, “Twenty years have passed on this plot, but it has not paid off thanks to the blood of the martyrs and the struggle of the peoples together to stand against that conspiracy.”

Then, the member of Kongra Star Coordination Hêvî Suleiman said that 32 international states participated in the conspiracy to stand against the democratic nation’s project, but those states did not know that arresting the leader would escalate our struggle.”

Hêvî Suleiman added, “The revolution of Rojava is the revolution of women. The leader Ocalan said that every woman must participate in the revolution and play a role in it. It is the revolution of women’s freedom and every woman must know this and realize how important this revolution is and to be in the squares in order to free the leader Ocalan.”

The protest ended with chanting the slogans which denounce the isolation imposed on Kurdish people leader Abdullah Ocalan.”

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