Thousands demanded Ocalan’s freedom and Afrin’s liberation

Thousands demanded Ocalan’s freedom and Afrin’s liberation

Thousands of Aleppo residents came out to demand the freedom of Ocalan, pledging at the same time to step up the struggle to liberate Afrin from the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries.

As part of a series of events held in the four parts of Kurdistan regarding the demand of the Kurdish people leader Abdullah Ocalan’s freedom and the dismissal of the Turkish occupier and its mercenaries from Afrin canton, thousands of residents of Aleppo took part in a demonstration organized on Monday demanding the freedom of Ocalan and the liberation of Afrin.

Men, women, elders and children in addition to dozens of representatives of the parties such as the Syrian National Social Party, the Democratic Union Party, the Syrian Democratic Council, the Future Syria Party, the Kongra Star and the Democratic Society Movement participated in the demonstration organized by the Democratic Society Movement.

The demonstration launched in front of the building of the people’s municipality in Sheikh Maqsoud neighborhood to roam the streets of the neighborhood chanting the slogans that condemn the practices of the Turkish occupation against the Kurdish people leader Abdullah Ocalan and others that denounce the Turkish occupation of Afrin. The protesters also held banners with “Hand in hand to revolt for the freedom of the leader Ocalan”, “With our blood, we will free the olive canton”, “To fall the Turkish fascist regime and its criminal president Erdogan” written on.

The demonstrators gathered near the market’s center of the eastern section of Sheikh Maqsoud neighborhood. After holding a minute of silence, the administrator of the Democratic Society Movement Rabrin Judy and the member of the Syrian Democratic Council Joseph Qeblan delivered speeches praising the enormous sacrifices made by the fighters of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) to liberate Afrin canton from the oppression of the Turkish occupation and to restore the rights to their true owners.

The words also noted that the victories and achievements achieved on the ground have been achieved thanks to the ideas of the leader of the Kurdish people Abdullah Ocalan who drew the path of struggle for the people and inspired them the true meaning of freedom within the uprising of 19th July.

The demonstration ended with renewing the covenant by the demonstrators to escalate the struggle till Ocalan would be liberated and Afrin would be restored to its original inhabitants.

In this context, a number of participants in the demonstration expressed through Hawar news agency their deep indignation towards the policies of the Turkish occupation regarding the situation of Ocalan and the violations ongoing in Afrin canton. They also called on the international community to take its responsibility and work to implement the demands of the peoples according to the item of the self-determination right in the United Nations (UN).

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