SDF released operations’ outcome of last 24 hours

SDF released operations’ outcome of last 24 hours

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) disclosed the outcome of a day of their military operations during the last stage of al-Jazeera Tempest campaign during a statement.
The media center of SDF issued a statement, disclosing the outcome of the military operations of the battle to defeat terrorism which is the last stage of al-Jazeera Tempest campaign.

The statement included,

“1- Baguz axis: Violent clashes broke out between our fighters and IS terrorists in this axis as our fighters launched an attack on the points and concentrations of IS terrorists, while the terrorists responded by bombing our fighters using heavy weapons; Dushka of 12.5 caliber, PKC, RBG and the sniper, but our fighters continued to advance and forced the terrorists to retreat. They also managed to install 8 points after they advanced a distance of 1 km. In the attack, a number of the terrorists were killed.

Then, the axis witnessed intermittent clashes with mortar shelling.

While our fighters were able to detonate a booby-trapped vehicle before reaching its target after monitoring movements of the terrorists in the front lines of the front.

2- Hejin axis: This axis witnessed strong clashes between our fighters and IS terrorists in which all kinds of heavy weapons were used, but we could not get information about the losses inflicted to the terrorists due to the intensity of bombardment and clashes.

Moreover, violent clashes erupted in the evening, in which terrorists were killed, while the Coalition’s aircraft carried out several air strikes, one of which targeted a gathering of the terrorists, killing most of them and destroying a vehicle loaded with Dushka.

The clashes’ outcome:

The Alliance’s strikes: Two strikes.

The terrorists’ killed: 11 terrorists.

The terrorists’ losses: A mortar cannon’s base, a booby-trapped vehicle and a vehicle loaded with Dushka were destroyed.

The number of fighters martyred: one fighter.

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