SDF: Tens of mercenaries killed, number of weapons destroyed

SDF: Tens of mercenaries killed, number of weapons destroyed

The media center of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) pointed out that 49 IS mercenaries were killed and a large quantity of the mercenaries’ heavy, medium and light weapons was destroyed.
The media center of SDF issued on Sunday a statement to the public opinion in which it revealed the outcome of the last 24 hours of the battle to defeat terrorism that is considered the last stage of al-Jazeera Tempest campaign to liberate Hejin that is the last stronghold of IS mercenaries.

The statement included,

1- Baguz axis: Our forces were engaged in clashes with IS terrorists in this axis, and they managed to blast a booby-trapped vehicle before reaching its goal. They also advanced a space of 1 km, set up a number of points and killed a number of terrorists.

Fierce clashes erupted between our forces and IS mercenaries in the result of an attack launched by the latter on our forces’ sites from several axes as the fighters managed to repel it and turned the terrorists back. In the result, a number of the terrorists were killed.

The International Alliance’s warplane carried out a number of raids on the terrorists’ sites and fortifications.

2- Hejin axis: Our forces progressed in this axis 600 meters after clashes erupted with IS terrorists, and during which they managed to install a number of points, kill a number of terrorists and destroy vehicles and motor bikes that the mercenaries used to use in their transformations.

Moreover, the fighters seized a quantity of weapons and ammunition.

The specialized military engineering teams worked on dismantling the mines, combing the area in addition to clearing it of the mines planted by IS terrorists.

The International Alliance aircrafts blasted booby-trapped vehicles that belong to them as they were prepared to be blasted in addition to targeting sites where the terrorists used to be protected in.

3- The clashes and battles’ outcome:

The points installed: 19 points.

The terrorists’ killed: 49 terrorists.

The terrorists’ losses: 4 vehicles, 3 motor bikes, 7 terrorists’ sites among them a building of the command and 2 depositories of weapons and ammunition were destroyed.

The strikes of Alliance’s aircrafts: 17 strikes.

The weapons seized by our fighters: 6 boxes of Dushka’s ammunition of 23 mm caliber.

The mines that were dismantled: 8 mines.

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