Towards the confederation of democratic peoples

Towards the confederation of democratic peoples

Leader Abdullah Ocalan put forward the confederation of democratic peoples as a way to unify the one nation and put an end to the development of the diaspora within societies.
The leader Abdullah Ocalan in his context indicates the size of the great conspiracy against the fate of the people and their true reality and Good cohesion.
In view of what we are living today in the north and east of Syria, if we highlight one aspect of the fierce war on our society, we will find that all that is put forward is in contrast to the cohesion of society, statements and plans and orientations that want to spread discrimination and dispersions, We are leading a real experience of the right and right scale which shows through the magnitude of the attack by the state in its meaning and powers, regardless of whether the state is now at home or abroad.

The attacks today are not limited to the Kurds only, there are those who want under the name of the attack or hostility to a certain component or people, the implementation of its annihilation against all peoples, there is no system or state with the people or society and against another, especially when that community is willing and willing To revive and preserve its authentic identity, are against all those who seek their freedom and their rights. Therefore, the attack takes place against all peoples and societies and marketing has been done to reverse it.
What I want to clarify is that the world needs to build a unified community vision that aims at uniting nations without limiting themselves to a particular geography or place of existence. This vision is shared by all the peoples and societies in the world, and our society is part of that unity.
Societies that seek real goals to develop their reality and promote democracy and secularism and want to limit the control of individuals or state on their existence and identity can unite in principles and ideas with any other society anywhere. The mechanism of consensus and participation in principles expands the struggle to achieve The goals of the society, and therefore the victory of any society anywhere, means a great moral boost to the societies that are still struggling in the same field, and an important factor to achieve their victory, and this in itself remarkable progress in order to build an integrated community system in which the factors of victory over ideas that cancel And Joe Dha tries to control it and create diaspora in it.
The magnitude of the attack to prevent the birth of the will of societies and the freedom of their peoples must be matched by a shared vision of thwarting the attack. This vision is the one we are fighting for today in the north and east of Churia. In this light, we believe that the direction of societies in the world to build their system and unity is a necessary step.
The important breakthrough today is to work together as people who are looking for their authentic identity and free society to build a community unit and a real rapprochement with goals and principles. The unity of peoples is the path towards salvation from state schemes and policies, repression and control. Real freedom and practical democracy are achieved by the integration and unity of the society in which people unite in their various affiliations and join together in a democratic confederation that is the umbrella of people and their societies. Here is a common struggle for the realization of the confederation of democratic peoples with the unification of efforts, energies and possibilities among the societies of the world.
Building a confederation of democratic peoples in the world will achieve the factors of survival and survival. Undoubtedly, this vision will preserve the originality. The attempts at social and cultural melting and melting, and the processes of human substitution, will fail with elements that have given their identity and history to the state and its organs, in turn to create the factors of Diaspora and conflict, such as the policies of demographic change.
The plans of cultural invasion by the state to keep what serves and ensure it to remain as thought and mental and many policies, least of which ignite the war, not to mention what is hidden, must be fully aware and realize that there is no one is exempt from isolation and denial and distort history, These systems and systems were founded for the rule of peoples, and they can not be part of the defense of peoples in order to achieve their goals as peoples and societies.
The societies of the world today need to be open to each other and believe that their unity is the way to their strength and freedom and the strengthening of their existence. All societies must be free from those restrictions imposed by the state and try to prevent the development of freedom of societies and their struggle for freedom.
The state as an authority does not always accept the existence of societies that want to build themselves, as well as the unity of societies. By moving away from the influences of the state, it is impossible to talk about the unity of peoples without a system that strengthens and preserves that unity in a solid way that the state or authority can not confront. In the Confederation of Democratic Peoples.
The Confederation of Democratic Peoples will build an important model for cohesion and power. The practices in the societies of the world have made the diaspora and the rift big. The restoration of bridges of communication and collective action in a legitimate and democratic system contributes to limiting the development of the existing differences and even to the unification of the confederal system on the basis of diversity and diversity, just as different and plural peoples meet and unite in the democratic nation’s project. In order to be able to unite in the democratic confederation system.
 This trend in itself is an enhanced factor for peace and democracy in the world. At the same time, the step of adopting the democratic nation as a basis for the realization of the confederation of democratic peoples is a trend that prevents the emergence of any conflicts or wars, as is the case today. The intensification of the struggle, cooperation and collective determination remains a major step in achieving this aspiration and foundation in the construction. This timing is the most appropriate and these conditions are the most needed for such a project today for all communities and peoples in the world.

Translation : Kawther Saef

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