Rehabilitation Of The “Old Bridge” Enters Its Final Phase

Rehabilitation Of The “Old Bridge” Enters Its Final Phase”

Raqqa – Euphrates water continue to appear yellow as a result of the ongoing work under the “old bridge” by “bulldozers” and the mechanisms of Raqqa Civil Council, which fill the bridge can be bridged to make it easier to move metal parts over the bridge.

To complement the rest of the process of rehabilitating the old bridge in Raqqa, the Raqqa Civil Council is moving the “ferries” and ships that are transporting people between the banks of the river, from the west of the bridge to the east to avoid collisions that sometimes occur when the engines of these “ferries” stop Which sometimes lead to sink as they hit the bridge’s bases.

The mechanisms have begun to equip the eastern bank of the bridge to make it a small harbor facilitating the process of laying small ships and “ferries” until the completion of the restoration of the bridge, which enters the final phase, which includes the processing of metal parts over the bridge, In addition of laying metal fence on both sides of the road over the bridge.

It is worth to mention that the process of processing metal pieces is complete under the supervision of engineers specialized in building bridges and reconstruction.

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