Popular Friday Market In Tabqa

Popular Friday Market In Tabqa

The popular Friday market in Tabqa city is one of the most important markets in the city and the largest and most crowded. The market is located in the southeastern part of the city between AL-Wasat and Alexandria districts and extends for 2 km. People in this market find an opportunity for commercial exchange between the countryside and the city. This day represents an opportunity for the people to go to the market during the holiday, which causes overcrowding as well as nearby rural people come to this market.

When they were controlled the area, the terrorists tried to cancel the market on Friday, but the people of the city rejected the decision and continued to take part in it as a symbol of civil status.

The market is divided into several sections, including vegetable market, new and second-hand clothing, household appliances, toys, used tools, motorcycle market and livestock market.

“The market is getting more crowded from early morning to late afternoon, because prices are lower than regular markets, Relieves pressure on the city’s main markets, and there are everything that people need,” said Mohammed Munzer, a resident of Tabqa.

The markets witnessed a clear recovery after liberating the city from injustice and oppressive tyranny of Daesh.

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