Flowers Between The Rubble

Flowers Between The Rubble

It is no less freshness and splendor than the gardens of Latakia and Damascus Gouta, it is Raqqa gardens and agricultural nurseries that emerge from the middle of the rubble, resisting the barbarity of the war, which has been grayed over the colors of its flowers and greenery small trees.

Al-Rasheed Nursery for Ornamental Trees and Flowers, in the center of Raqqa city, which was founded 20 years ago, it defies the war machine, which tried to evade the memory of the revolutionaries, all that inspires life.

al-Rasheed Nursery is located over an area of three dunums in AL-Tawsia district of the city center to the west. It includes hundreds of different types of roses, colors, shapes and smells, as well as ornamental trees that Raqqa people adorned the balconies of their homes and squares.

It also contains the various citrus trees that were fetched from the areas of the famous Syrian coast, to be cultivated in the suburbs of Raqqa city and its center, and despite the suffering of Raqqa people due to life pressures and their desire to rebuild their homes, but they never dispense what they decorate with their homes, trying to make their city green.

Abu Hamed, the owner of al-Rasheed Nursery, tells us about his nursery, saying that he brings small fruits of citrus and other fruit trees from the Syrian coast and plants it in Nursery. After he is taking care it, he presents them to people at very nominal prices. as sowing “seeds” flowers in the nursery In special small bags for this purpose .

al-Rasheed Nursery was subjected to sabotage and burning by terrorist organization to turn it into a place where his weapons and black hatred were hidden. it also was hit by a large-scale rocket that had not yet exploded inside it. Abu Hamed, in turn, urged the competent authorities to quickly from “Arboretum” in order to save the lives of those who visit this “Arboretum”.

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