Shaheed Academy “Khaled Alawi” Academy Opens Its Sixth Intellectual Session

Shaheed Academy “Khaled Alawi” Academy Opens Its Sixth Intellectual Session

Tabqa – The Academy of the Democratic Society in Tabqa opened an intellectual course that bore the name of the martyr Asaad Tabqa that will be lasted for 27 days. The course was attended by 40 trainees and female trainees from the city and countryside residents and a member of the committees and civil administration institutions of Tabqa.

The opening began by a minute of silence for the souls of the martyrs. Adel Tabqa, an official of Democratic Society Academy, spoke about the course. The trainees will receive intellectual and moral lessons about the democratic society and the principles and foundations of the democratic nation.

Adel Tabqa pointed out that academic training nourishes the cooperative spirit and gives new impetus to the progress of a democratic society.

On the response of the people of the region to the training, “Adel”: “The training in the Academy received a wide response in Tabqa city from various components of society, where joined by people of all ages and from all institutions of civil society in Tabqa city and its countryside.

The basic purpose of academic courses is due to Adel Tabqa “activate” people who are able to run a society based on democratic freedom within the unit of Community Components.

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