Erdogan announces the fate of Rev. “Brunson” from Washington

Erdogan announces the fate of Rev. “Brunson” from Washington

“I am not a member of the judiciary, I am the President of the Republic of Turkey,” Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said about the fate of US Rev. Andrew Bronson in response to a Reuters question. If we accept the separation of powers in law, and if we defend the independence of the judiciary anywhere in the world, we must also respect judicial decisions in this case.

Erdogan commented on the news of the possibility of the release of Brunson, who is under house arrest in the Turkish state of Izmir on the decision of the Turkish judiciary.

In an exclusive interview with Reuters, Erdogan said it was the judiciary, not the politicians, who would decide the fate of American pastor Andrew Branson.

The Turkish president explained that any decision on Brunson will be issued by the court, adding: “This is a judicial matter. Brunson has been detained on terrorism charges. ”

“There will be another hearing on October 12 and we do not know what the court will decide and the politicians will not have a say in the verdict,” he said.

Erdogan denied that the “Brunson issue” has to do with Turkey’s economy, pointing out that there is exaggeration in the current economic challenges too much, stressing that his country will overcome these challenges with its own resources, he said.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said last Monday that Brunson was likely to be released, expressing optimism that Ankara would be released as soon as possible.

A Turkish court last July put Brunson under house arrest in Izmir, western Turkey, after serving a 21-month sentence.

The newspaper “Wall Street Journal,” the US, said earlier that the Turkish authorities are sending letters indicating that it will release the American pastor next month, which means that there is great hope near the settlement of the sharp dispute between Turkey and the United States of America.

American priest Andrew Brunson is due to appear before the court on October 12, amid Ankara’s accusations of terrorism, espionage and supporting terrorist organizations without membership.

The Turkish-American relations are deteriorating in all areas, especially after Turkey’s detention of the US priest and the US support for Syria’s democratic forces in its war against a pro-Syrian organization.

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