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As they did not pay ransom, gang killed 2 youths from al-Hasaka

As they did not pay ransom, gang killed 2 youths from al-Hasaka


A gang kidnapped 2 young men from al-Hasaka and killed them after it demanded them to pay a ransom in exchange for their release, and that was refused by the families of the two young men.

The Internal Security Forces found in Tel Tamer area on Monday the bodies of two young men from al-Mufty neighborhood in al-Hasaka city near the Virgin Mary Monastery for the Orthodox Syriacs putting into two sacks one of them is made of nylon and the other of burlap.

Sources in the Internal Security Forces in Tel Tamer area stated to Hawar news agency that the two young men are cousins, and they were kidnapped at the hands of a gang whose number has not been known yet. It is thought that its members are from Aleppo city.

The gang demanded a ransom of 100,000 $ in exchange for their release as the families of the two young men rejected to pay due to the huge sum so that the gang killed the two young men, put their bodies within sacks and threw them near the Virgin Mary Monastery on the road between Tel Tamer area and al-Hasaka city.

After the Internal Security Forces received reports about the existence of two bodies near the church by the civilians, they rushed to the accident’s destination to investigate the incident.

According to the sources, the two betrayed young men were killed a week ago.

After examination, the bodies of the two young men have been recognized and they are called Omer Rashad Haj Mohammed and Eyad Mejbas from al-Hasaka city.

In their turn, the Security Forces delivered the two youths’ bodies to their families.

Furthermore, the Internal Security Forces continue searching for the members of the gang to arrest them and hand them over to the justice.

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