The Outcome Of Combat Operations In “The Battle Of Defeat Terrorism”

The Outcome Of Combat Operations In “The Battle Of Defeat Terrorism”

1- Al-Bagouz / Al-Shajil village:

– Sporadic engagement yesterday evening occurred in this axis, with movements of terrorists and the use of medium weapons, while the coalition Air Force carried out an air strike targeting them.

– On a parallel axis, opposite Hajin city, our forces engage with terrorists, and none of them was confirmed killed or injured while fleeing, leaving behind a 12.5- machine gun with quantities of ammunition seized by our fighters.

– Morning hours of this day, our forces advanced in the vicinity of AL- Baguoz, established several defensive fortifications to protect the town, and engineering teams searched for mines, where 30 mines were dismantled.

– The movement of a terrorists mechanism was observed, while the coalition aircraft carried out a raid on a military vehicle of the terrorists and destroyed it completely, as well as targeted our forces a site machine gun for terrorists and destroyed.

– Our forces continued to comb the town and its surroundings, and took the result of the quantities of individual weapons machine and ammunition.

2- Sousse axis

– This axis witnessed intermittent engagement last night continued until dark.

– At night our troops engage with terrorists face to face and made 1 km progress, liberating many of the points they were stationed in.

– Mines were a real challenge for our troops as terrorists laid mines in abundance, with engineering teams dealing with dozens of mines and dismantling them.

– In this axis, our forces targeted the movements of terrorists and confirmed the killing of three of them, and the coalition aircraft carried out four raids led to the destruction of terrorists tunnel, killing 8 of them

3-the outcome of engagement and battles on all axes:

– Edit and secure an area of ​​2 km long and 1.5 km wide and 2.7 km 2

– Implementation of 6 air strikes

– terrorists killed/11/

– military vehicles were destroyed, one with a machine gun

– The dismantling of 34 landmines

SDF. Media Center

23 September 2018

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