Sochi deal and countdown, deal or trap ?!

Sochi deal and countdown, deal or trap ?! _ By Aldar Khalil

The results of what has been agreed between the Russian President Putin and Turkish Erdogan in Sochi before a difficult stage in practice until clear steps are serious, As the Turkish depate about the establishment of a demilitarized zone with a depth of 15-20 km between the opposition and the regime to some extent is almost impossible, Especially in those who are in that region are the terrorist Gabhat al Nusra – who will not accept what was agreed between Putin and Erdogan in an easy way.
However, if there is acceptance from the aforementioned side – Gabhat al-Nusra or the radical factions in general – it means that the next stage will be the most difficult since Turkey under the name of saving the lives of millions in Idlib played a negative role in saving terrorism from Idlib. In addition, it has once again established itself as a firm proof, after the evidence that has existed and refrained from it in relation to its relations with Da’ash, that it has an unlimited influence on the radical forces, including Gabhat al Nusra or Gabhat fath Al-Sham , as it calls itself today in Idlib.The understanding that took place and the deadline of 15 October – to resolve the Idlib file and to separate the moderate opposition -As well as the terrorist forces and the heavy disarmament and the opening of roads – the main arteries between Damascus and the interior – and the conduct of joint patrols if that exists in practice; it means that the understanding will be acceptable.Turkey, however, implicitly believes that its interest lies in the existence of extremism or the groups through which it conducts its policy in Syria. Turkey, if it was not the ruler and has the most important role in the Idlib file, was not the main party.And Russia has taken a reference in dealing with the issue of Idlib, if it was agreed and succeeded; where is the interest of Turkey on the subject?
How can Turkey impose its agenda on the forces in Syria, through terrorism?
To a certain extent, Turkey has fallen into a real dilemma. The test of Turkish intentions is no longer available,But it will be through positions that show insufficient intentions in this aspect, if the agreement is repeated again as it is; it means that the role of Turkey in Syria and its ramifications are in the end stage and does not mean that Turkey seeks to achieve security and stability in Syria,
But it explains the extent of Turkish involvement and deepen the investment of the Idleb crisis not only now, but years ago, on the other hand, if it is agreed, it means once again that Turkey in the face of another crisis and the treatment of Russia and the States actors will certainly not satisfy after that certainly if the agreement was provided that it The success of Russia and Turkey only, it means that the Russian complicity with Turkey continues and the issue of Idlib deal was agreed on what is greater between both Russia and Turkey, just like the attack on Afrin and then get Russia concessions Turkey, which may not be in decades if not There is Afrin.
The solution to the existence of Turkey in any difficult place, has touched a while ago and talked about that any solution in Idlib the existence of the Turkish state in the equation will be only the opposite of what is promoted in the media, everyone must realize that Turkey can not eliminate terrorism and not in its interest even To do so, what will appear in Idlib during the coming days will be a surprise at all levels without doubt, politically speaking, regardless of the positions and those in the agreement, the political orientation to achieve any solution without military intervention is important, we emphasize that the political path is The foundation in all aspects of Syria, but the political positions or direction The adoption of the political path must be accompanied by serious and responsible efforts. The political orientation should not be as paradoxical as the case between Idlib and Afrin. What happened in Afrin was a real test of the seriousness of the intentions of political solution and faith in Syria. Afrin re-test the serious intentions back to the forefront by raising the topic of Idlib, diplomatically Idlib’s step as an idea and logic to solve an acceptable situation, but the details in which the existence of Turkey always raises doubts, in addition to the dilemma is not only Idleb, Afrin, pride, door, Where the danger and face To determine today amid fears of moving the ball of fire from Idlib to the areas mentioned as a Turkish dodge and not to break the link of terrorism and this in itself a conspiracy and not an agreement. The world has to deal with the situations in Syria as it is, suffering, displacement, burning villages, terrorism, conspiracy, political investment, all of which have a real face that can not be distorted or realized. In any other way, Russian – Turkish is not the solution or stability in the end, there are other forces looking for their own role and have a vision in the Syrian situation and the missile attack on the Syrian coast on the night of the meeting in Sochi was not a coincidence, there are those who want to say they exist and there are those who announced that it will not It remains in Syria even after the settlement in Idlib Hezbollah – all the same We hope that there will be no consensus in the service of the Syrian people. We hope that resolution 2254 will be implemented effectively and that the world will see that the unilateralization of the Syrian issue is not a solution, as in Sochi and Astana. The United Nations is able to play its responsible role in the implementation of its decision on Syria and recognize the existing reality in terms of defending Syria and trying to enhance the chances of a democratic solution and the existence of what hinders the solution and seeks to isolate the Syrians and plans solutions to serve before serving the Syrian people, From occupation, terrorism, transgression of morality, political investment, gaining positions and obtaining other concessions in the Syrian field under the pretext of serving the Syrians and their future.

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