The Outcome Of Combat Operations In ” The Battle Of Defeat Terrorism”

The Outcome Of Combat Operations In ” The Battle Of Defeat Terrorism”

– Al-Bagouz Fouqani axis: After more than three days of fighting, SDF liberated the entire town of Bagouz Fawqani.

After the liberation process, SDF began to comb the areas close to their fixed positions. During the combing, the fighters found a 120mm mortar, which was mined and detonated by the fighters. As a result, terrorists fired several mortar shells at close proximity to our fighters. Our forces returned their positions with rockets.

There were intensive movements of Daesh terrorists in this area, after the liberation of the town by SDF. They bombed our fighters ‘points with mortars. After that 4 terrorists attempted to infiltrate our fighters’ points, but they resisted them, forcing the terrorists to retreat. While coalition aircraft raided their positions, killing the four terrorists.

Our forces continued to advance amid violent engagement with terrorists, supported by coalition aircraft, killing six terrorists in raids targeting their positions. In the course of their advance, our fighters found a weapon B. K. C / number / 1 / and weapons / B7 /, in addition to / 5 / of terrorist bodies.

2-Hajin axis: Our fighters in this axis provided a distance of / 2 / km, was combed the entire area they liberated and the trenching of tunnels and trenches, And the tunnels where the terrorists had been barricaded, and was installed / 15 points, in addition they took a Kalashnikov rifle. As our fighters advanced, a mine planted by the terrorists exploded, wounding five fighters and killing another fighter.

3- the outcome of engagement and battles on all axes:

-The number of terrorists killed: 10 / terrorists, in addition to 5 / other bodies that fell into the hands of our fighters.

-Air strikes: 5 strikes.

– Points installed: / 15 / points.

– Weapons seized: Kalashnikov rifle number / 1 / Weapon type / B. K. C / number / 1 / and weapons / B7 /

– Number of terrorist sites destroyed:/ 3 /sites.

– Number of mines that exploded: /4 / Mine.

– Number of wounded fighters: /5/ wounded.

– Number of martyrs: one martyr.

SDF.Media Center

21 September -2018

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