The Outcome Of Combat Operations In ” The Battle Of Defeat Terrorism”

The Outcome Of Combat Operations In ” The Battle Of Defeat Terrorism”


1- Al-Bagouz axis: The terrorist organization (Daesh) tried to organize the attack on the points of SDF with heavy weapons and booby-trapped vehicles. They attacked three car bombs, which were attacked by our fighters and they managed to detonate one of the vehicles and hit the other, which exploded in turn before reaching its targets. As a result of the pressure caused by the explosion two of our fighters were wounded, while the third vehicle was blown up by the coalition aircraft.

Violent engagement broke out between our forces (SDF) and members of the terrorist organization (Daesh), killing eight terrorists. This is in addition to the fact that our forces carried out a tactical withdrawal from one of the points and infiltrated by elements of the terrorist organization. The coalition aircraft entered through the spot and killed all infiltrators, and then our fighters managed to install 3 new points in addition to the point where they withdrew tactically.

As our forces advanced 1 km in this area, after an hour of violent engagement, our fighters managed to install 9 more points.

Coalition aircraft destroyed an ammunition depot and two terrorist vehicles. Two vehicles were destroyed and emir from Daesh was killed.

One of our fighters exploded, wounding him.

2- Hajin axis: Our forces engaged with elements of the terrorist organization holed up inside the tunnels. Two of them tried to blow themselves up among our fighters, but our fighters managed to hit them, blowing their explosive belts away from our fighters.

As a result, our fighters closed the tunnels where the terrorist organization was holed up and combed the area. During the search, the houses exploded without causing any damage, while our fighters seized a 12.5-inch Dushka rifle and a Kalashnikov assault rifle.

As our forces advanced significantly in this axis, and combed a number of houses, has been installed / 5 / new points.

In view of the intensity of the mines planted by the terrorist organization in the area, our forces have proceeded cautiously, as mine-detonation mechanisms have managed to detonate 13 mines in the area.

3- the outcome of clashes and battles on all axes:

– Death toll of the terrorist organization: /31 / Terrorist.

– Coalition Air Force strikes: / 15 / strike.

– Number of mines that exploded: / 16 / mines.

– Weapons seized by our fighters: Dushka rifle (12.5) , Kalashnikov rifle number / 2 /.

– Points installed: / 17 /.

– Losses of terrorist organization: destruction of mortar, destruction of ammunition warehouse number / 2 /, destruction / 5 / car bombs, destruction of cars number / 2 /, destruction of tunnel number / 1 /.

– Number of wounded fighters: (3) fighters.

SDF. Media Center

20 September 2018

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