Al-Raqqa GSS arrested 2 mercenaries, seized weapons

Al-Raqqa GSS arrested 2 mercenaries, seized weapons

The General Security Service (GSS) of the Internal Security Forces (ISF) in al-Raqqa city arrested on Tuesday 2 mercenaries in addition to seizing large quantities of weapons and ammunition.

On Tuesday, September18, the GSS of ISF managed to arrest two mercenaries and seize quantities of weapons and ammunition.

According to the GSS’ General Directorate, they received information about the presence of a terrorist cell working in favor of the mercenaries in the vicinity of al- Raqqa. They were stationed in one of the isolated houses, and the two mercenaries were preparing to carry out attacks with the aim of destabilizing the city.

The Department noted that the GSS had organized a special operation against the mercenaries, and arrested them, and that the operation had taken place in record time, noting that their subordination to IS mercenaries was documented, and their pockets included large quantities of weapons and ammunition and documents show their planning to launch dangerous operations in the city.

The weapons and ammunition confiscated during the operation according to the investigations and follow-up department in GSS are as follows:

1. 8 Kalashnikovs in addition to 3052 Russian bullets and 8 repositories.

2 – PKC ammunition, 11,987 bullets.

3. M16 weapon’s ammunition, 6795 bullets.

4. Dushka’s ammunition of 12.5 mm, 14.5 mm and 480 bullets.

5. 33 damaged fillings in addition to a number of mines’ detonators.

6. 3 military weapons in addition to 3 telescopes.

7- 3 walky-talky devices and a number of damaged military pieces.

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