Human Rights Watch accuses Turkey of violating the laws of war by bombing sites of the “PKK” in the Kurdistan region

Human Rights Watch accuses Turkey of violating the laws of war by bombing sites of the “PKK” in the Kurdistan region


Human Rights Watch said today that four suspected Turkish military operations against the PKK in northern Iraq, dating from more than a year, should be investigated for possible violations of the laws of war. The attacks killed 7 non-combatants and wounded at least one, according to witnesses and relatives.
Human Rights Watch said it had continued with witnesses and obtained photographs and death certificates supporting the allegations, with Turkey killing at least seven civilians.
“As Turkey escalates operations in Iraq, all possible precautions must be taken to avoid harming civilians there,” said Lama Fakih, deputy Middle East director at Human Rights Watch, “Turkey must investigate possible unlawful strikes that have killed civilians, punish those responsible for abuses, And compensation for the victims’ families. ”
Residents say the Turkish armed forces have banned areas surrounding their civilians. However, the population relies on these low-density agricultural areas.
Media reports and witnesses who said they saw the planes and the direction from which the shelling came were indicated that the Turkish forces were behind the four attacks. Witnesses said they had received no warning from Iraq, the Kurdistan Regional Government or Turkey about keeping away from ongoing military operations. All four families who lost relatives said they had not been contacted by any official to investigate the attacks or make any compensation, and did not know how to request an investigation or compensation.
It is worth mentioning that the Turkish authorities are committing repeated violations against civilians in the Kurdistan region of Iraq under the pretext of prosecuting the “PKK”. The bombing of populated villages has been repeated in the past years, in the shadow of the silence of the Iraqi government and the Kurdistan Regional Government. Repeated Turkish attacks and penetrating its airspace.

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