Russian plane disappears off Lattakia

Russian plane disappears off Lattakia


The Russian plane, which was cut off in the Syrian airspace, may have sunk into the waters of the Mediterranean Sea, France’s news agency TASS quoted a search and rescue source as saying, while France denied responsibility for the “plane crash” in case it occurred .
The Russian Defense Ministry announced on Tuesday that a Russian plane carrying 14 soldiers disappeared from the radar screens while flying over the Mediterranean Sea off the Syrian coast late on Monday night, while the Syrian city of Lattakia was under attack by Israeli missiles .
The ministry said in a statement reported by Russian news agencies that “the contact was interrupted by the crew of the plane El-20 while flying over the Mediterranean Sea, 35 kilometers from the Syrian coast on the way back to the base of Hameimim air,” noting that the plane disappeared from the radar screens nearly an hour 11 pm (8 pm GMT) .
The ministry explained that the fate of the crew of the military plane “unknown”, pointing out that the search for the aircraft is currently underway .

According to the ministry, the disappearance of the plane coincided with the radar screens with the raid of four Israeli F-16 fighter jets on Syrian infrastructure in the province of Lattakia .

For its part, quoted the agency “RIA Novosti” Russian news agency quoted a military source that the Syrian air defenses fired in response to the Israeli attack .

According to the Russian ministry, the French frigate “Overn”, which was sailing in the waters of the region at the same time launched missiles in turn .

But Paris quickly denied the Russian accusation, and a spokesman for the French army that “the French armies deny any involvement in this attack ” .

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