The Spokesman For PYD Tells Us Where The Administration’s Negotiations With The Regime Have Reached And Some Accusations Against Their Project Have Been Made

The Spokesman For PYD Tells Us Where The Administration’s Negotiations With The Regime Have Reached And Some Accusations Against Their Project Have Been Made


Dr. “Joan Mustafa” Spokesman for the Democratic Union Party (PYD) in a private interview conducted by our correspondent “xeber24″ on the latest developments on the Syrian arena and the Middle East in general.

” It is the project of democratic self-government that has proven and imposed itself on the international political scene ” said dr Mustafa
Mustafa said that “the Syrian crisis and from the beginning and day after day prove to all that it came out of its constitution, and became all forces to intervene in resolving the Syrian crisis and prolong its life regardless of the existence of the Syrian people, and became the people outside the game, which is simulated in self-determination, Meetings are held to discuss the crisis and to determine its fate in the absence of the Syrian people, whether from the opposition or the regime or any Syrian person, so that the people receive information and the outcome of their meetings, which in itself is a crime against the Syrian people.
Mustafa pointed out that “the small group around Syria issued a statement by way of resolving the Syrian crisis, and they have only this solution after all these years of destruction of Syria to the stage of the failed state, the Syrian regime and adherence to the exclusionary mind and its continuation there is no solution but this solution”
“The small group project is close to the democratic self-management project, which has proved itself and imposed itself on the international political arena. The crisis can only be resolved through this road and the result of this group and in line with the reality on the ground. That Syria can be resolved by the project of decentralization on all Syrian territory, and building a model of self-management in most areas, and this project can guide the crisis to the solution.
“”For some people, we raise the level of talking about those who sold themselves to the Turkish state. Since the beginning of the Syrian crisis, they have stood by the enemies of the Syrian people. They had agendas of regional states that caused corruption in the Syrian territory,
these people describe every democratic project on Syrian soil as a colonial project that can not be implemented because they do not want democracy for Syria and have special agendas, and our project as a Democratic Union Party in cooperation with all the components in northern Syria is a democratic project” The spokesman for the Democratic Union Party, Joan Mustafa, responded to the accusations that some leaders of the Kurdish National Council had launched against their party and their project .
As for the dialogues that took place between the self-administration of north-east Syria and the Syrian regime, Mustafa said, “He has not yet risen to the level of negotiations and there are meetings and dialogues on some of the topics that were initially service and then rose to the political level, but we can not call it negotiations because it was shortened to a stage and for certain meetings Since the beginning of the Syrian crisis, we have put forward the draft of the correct Syrian dialogue, the Syrian-Syrian meeting and the Syrian crisis can not be solved except on the Syrian territory. The level of dialogue is still at this level has not developed, only there have been some meetings with the service and political committees. M Syrian in Damascus and stopped at that limit did not rise to another level ” .
” For the future of Syria and the days to come, Syria is in a state of third world war. All forces have agendas on Syrian soil and they have found their agendas to be carried out on Syrian soil and terrorism in Syria has reached its final stages like ”daash ” , Syria is heading towards entering a new stage and requires a review of what happened, and the entry into the next stage of a strong and logical approach. Syria is entering a new stage in this stage, either to lead Syria to a solution or to a comprehensive war,” he said .

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