An unprecedented “presidential alarm” on American phones

An unprecedented “presidential alarm” on American phones


The US Federal Emergency Management Agency said the administration of President Donald Trump would send messages to US mobile phones to test a previous warning system that had not been used before. aims at general warning in national emergencies.
The agency said in statement. The messages will be labeled ” presidential Alarm”
The text of the message, due to be sent at 2:18 pm EDT, will be “a test of the national wireless emergency alarm system.” There is no need to take any action” .
The test is being carried out to ensure that the alarm system will operate in a national emergency. Mobile users will not be able to choose not to receive messages.
Former US President Barack Obama was sign a law in 2016 requiring the Federal Emergency Management Agency to create a system that enables the president to send warnings on mobile phones in connection with public safety emergencies.
The Federal Emergency Management Agency explained that warnings would only be used in a national emergency. The President will be solely responsible for determining when alerts are sent at the national level.
The test comes at a time when the states of North and South Carolina are experiencing the tropical storm of Florence, which has swept the land, uprooted trees, flooded rivers, dropped heavy rains and killed at least eight people.

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