The Syrian Democratic Forces Are Launching The Last Phase To Liberate The Rest Of The Eastern Deir Al-Zour Countryside From The Da’ash Organization

The Syrian Democratic Forces Are Launching The Last Phase To Liberate The Rest Of The Eastern Deir Al-Zour Countryside From The Da’ash Organization


The Syrian Democratic Forces held a press conference on Tuesday, September 11, 2018, during which they announced the launch of the last stage of the campaign of the island storm to liberate the remaining areas of the Deir al-Zour countryside, which is the last bastion for daash.
The statement pointed out that this last phase will be aimed at liberating the towns of (Hjin, Sousse and Flame) in addition to the villages and farms belonging to the organization of the daash terrorist advocate.
The text of the statement:
“One year has passed since our forces launched a campaign to liberate the villages of Deir al-Zour and Al-Hasakah, where hundreds of villages and hundreds of thousands of civilians have been liberated from the hands of the terrorist organization and the liberation of vast areas of these two provinces, in cooperation and coordination between our forces and the International Alliance through air support and artillery , Leaving only ”al hajin” area and its countryside, which is still under the control of the terrorist organization.

Our forces launched on Monday (September 10, 2018) and since the evening hours, the last phase of its victorious campaigns and its last battle east of the Euphrates as a battle al dahir al arhab and four axes, aiming to eliminate the organization in the last strongholds and liberate the villages and towns of “hajin , sawse , shaafe “with its villages and farms, and on a geographical area ranging from (35 km) tall and (10 km) width, as a culmination of the results of our previous campaigns in the storm island.
In the final phase of the campaign, brigades from the Deir Ez-Zour military council, with the support of units and formations of the border guards, and the active participation of the special forces battalions of the YPG and YPJ, will be actively supported by the Alliance’s international reconnaissance, The International Coalition artillery in coordination with the Iraqi army provide artillery support to our forces by bombing the fixed targets of the terrorists.

We at the Syrian Democratic Forces, while reaffirming our determination to move forward to end terrorism in the east of the Euphrates, will spare no effort to do everything we can with regard to our humanitarian obligations. Our forces have provided a humanitarian crossing to evacuate civilians along the town of Bahra. Specialized in the preparation of an emergency shelter camp to provide logistical and medical services to the displaced. Similarly, our forces will deal positively with any information related to the fate of the abducted and unaccounted for, and will do what it does to clarify the fate of those abducted.
Glory and immortality of martyrs

Shame and shame of terrorism and its supporters

Syria’s democratic forces
Tuesday, September 11, 2018

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