Washington Issues New Guidelines To Airlines Warning Against Using Iran’s Airspace

Washington Issues New Guidelines To Airlines Warning Against Using Iran’s Airspace


The United States has issued new airline guidelines urging them to exercise caution while flying over Iran’s airspace, citing fears of military activity involving the intercept of a US civilian aircraft that was not identified by fighter jets in December 2017.

According to updated instructions from the Federal Aviation Administration to US companies, issued on Sunday after the expiration of previous guidelines, there are also military activities linked to the conflict in Syria from Iran’s airspace or through it.

Tensions between Iran and the United States increased after President Donald Trump withdrew from a landmark nuclear deal with Tehran in May and re-imposed sanctions on the Islamic Republic last month.

The Air Services Bureau, which provides information on airline safety, said the deteriorating relationship between the United States and Iran should be taken into account when planning flights through Iranian airspace.

“Although the re-opening of Iraqi airspace in November last year provided other options for the routes, there is no ideal route in the region and companies should consider their preference for Iraq,” the US-based office said in an e-mail to the two customers. Against Iran. ”

The United State Department advises its citizens not to travel to Iran because of the risk of arbitrary arrest and detention. The aviation services office said this could cause problems if a plane without prior planning landed in Iran for medical or technical reasons.

The ministry does not advise its citizens to travel to Iraq because of the threat of terrorism and armed conflict. The latest Iraq Guidelines issued in December 2017 prohibit US airlines, in most cases, from flying at less than 26,000 feet because of the possibility of fighting

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