The people of Idlib are waiting .. The regime prevents their exit and Turkey is blocking the borders

The people of Idlib are waiting .. The regime prevents their exit and Turkey is blocking the borders
While the air strikes continue on the province of Idlib in northwestern Syria, human lefts organizations operating in the region continue to call for the provision of safe corridors for civilians, amid the atmosphere of anticipation and fear lived by the people of the province between the jaws of pliers, between the regime on the one hand and Turkey on the other .
In the atmosphere of constant shelling so far, the people of Idleb live a great risk to prevent their escape from the city, in addition to other crises, including the lack of food, drinking water, fuel and medical services and others.
”The situation in Idlib is not very clear, and the people are afraid. There is a de facto authority represented by the [Hayyat Tahrir Al Sham],” said Hazem Dakkal, a journalist who closely monitors the situation in the city. Determines the decision of peace and war, in what others bet on Turkey to save them from the impending military operation.
According to Dakkal, “the regime prevents residents from leaving the city, to send them later to the camps in order to support his position in the war he is waging”
This is in line with previous statements made by the Syrian ambassador to the United Nations, Bashar al-Jaafari, who said on Friday in the Security Council that his government plans to evacuate civilians from combat zones, as in the past in Aleppo or al-Ghouta, “Past and present displacement operations in more than one area”
Turkey closes the border
”Turkey has completely closed its borders and its monitoring points prevent the infiltration of people towards the border. If the military escalation of the regime increases further, we will face a real catastrophe. Millions of civilians in these areas are forcibly displaced from other areas,” he said.

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