A person wounded by IED in Manbij

A person wounded by IED in Manbij

An improvised explosive device (IED) attached to a van vehicle has blown up in the city of Manbij resulting in wounding a person.
The Improvised explosive device has blown up at the van of citizen Fayad(his full name was not obtained) while it was parked before his house in the Saba Bahrat roundabout in the city of Manbij.

Due to the bombing that took place two hours ago, one of the legs of Fayad were cut, then he was moved to al-Amal hospital to receive treatment.

The medical staff noted that the wounded’s condition is stable.

Fayad was getting ready to go his work as he is a driver to the Manbij Intellectual Union’s, when he was exposed to the bombing by unknown sides.

Interior Security Forces are investigating at the moment the circumstances of the accident aiming to reach sides that stand behind this bombing.

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