Gabriel denied SDF participation in Idlib battle

Gabriel denied SDF participation in Idlib battle

The spokesman of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) Keno Gabriel denied the news circulated by the media about the participation of SDF in the battle of Idlib alongside the Syrian regime.

The Turkish Anatolia news agency reported the participation of a large number of SDF fighters in the battle of Idlib alongside the army of the Syrian regime.

Keno Gabriel said, “Although we are ready to liberate all the Syrian areas from terrorism and the Turkish occupation, there is no true news published by the media this time, and no forces have been sent to Idlib and the like.”

He added SDF depend only on the people’s appeal to them, and so far there are no agreements or a military plan between us and the Syrian regime over the battle of Idlib.

Gabriel said that “if we received appeals from the people or an invitation from the Syrian regime to us there will be a plan under an agreement to participate in the battle and there will be common interests between the parties to the battle without benefiting for the profit of one party.

Gabriel said, “The meeting that took place in Damascus between the Syrian Democratic Council and the Syrian regime has not reached a decision or a result on the participation of the 2 forces in the liberation of Idlib and Afrin and the other areas occupied by the Turkish state.”

On the issue of liberating Afrin from the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries, Gabriel said, “Afrin matter is our primary goal, one of our priorities and we plan to liberate it.”


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