Theresa May and Erdogan … Two different hands for one purpose against Kurdistani

Theresa May and Erdogan … Two different hands for one purpose against Kurdistani

By: kawa Nader Qader

After most European countries refused to welcome him, , Erdogan began a three-day official visit to the United Kingdom on May 13, and was received with great enthusiasm by the Prime Minister. Also, the Minister of Foreign Affairs stated at a press conference with with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan That “the Turkish government has the right to preserve its national security against Kurdish terrorism in Syria,” or ” stand up to the pressures on democracy in Turkey by the coup d’État and the security threats on the Syrian border by Kurdish terrorists”! The Prime Minister of Britain is subjected to a campaign of discontent and the anger among a wide range of Kurdish activists, writers, progressive British citizens and activists in the two countries. This is the first time that a British official in the pyramid? publicly says this and accuses all “Kurds of terrorism.” Here we must remember:

_The Kurdistan case, which did not fall from the sky, was produced by a number of interferences by various powerful countries, especially the British colonial empire after the First World War, the Arabs and the Turks. This led to the Kurdish division, encouraged and supported by Britain throughout modern history, especially after the partition of Kurdistan in 1920 (Lausanne’s Treaty) The occupation of Kurdistan, the overthrow of the Kurdistan Republic, the recent occupation of Kirkuk by the Iraqi forces and Shia militias or by the Turkish army, with the collaboration of the terrorist group “Al-Qaida” was supported by the British.

The building of the modern Turkish Republic is made up of Freemasonry and the movement of world Jewry in Britain. After John Lloyd, the British Prime Minister, declared at the end of World War I “nothing has remained in the name of Turkey on the global map.” Let us recall here for the first time the idea of building a state. The Jews of the Anatolian regions of Azmer, Mansia and Adorna, later changed the idea of its construction on the land of Palestine, so far it is considered the State of the Mother of Israel, as stated by Mr. Abdullah Ocalan.
Therefore, they occupy positions in two different countries, but their primary goal is to safeguard the interests of global capitalism, which is being practiced by the international Jewish movement and administered by the British and some European countries.

The main objective of Erdogan’s visit to Britain is to:
Play among the European countries and, after being almost set aside by the Germans, did not prepare for “Germany, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Scandinavia “ He was only greeted by two countries, the United Kingdom, which governs the Conservative Party and is withdrawn from the European Union and the EU candidate Serbia.

_ The organization and instrumentalization he wishes to do achieve is in order to win the early elections (24 June) of this year, which is taking place in Turkey, to improve his image while strengthening his dictatorship as a new Ottoman Sultan in front of his supporters and the public opinion that it still enjoys the support of the major countries.

Although Britain has a strong democratic and human rights background and a great deal of power among European countries, the reception of Kurdish women’s children killer and the destruction of democracy are a gross violations of human rights and greeted by the conservative Prime Minister, “We lose our fame because of Erdogan” as the Guardian newspaper said.
Finally, as President De Gaulle said about Algerians, “If want to stay in Algeria so get out of it ,” we say that if you want to stay in Kurdistan. Try to maintain a good relationship with the Kurdistan. Do not welcome those who are occupying Kurdistan. Do not spread red carpets to them.

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