Iraqi elections through the Iranian-American tensions

Iraqi elections through the Iranian-American tensions

By: Kawa Nader Qader
If we look the elections taking place in the Eastern societies and measured by Western standards, they are neither transparent nor neutral, so US knows that and Iran does not recognize liberal democracy, What happened in the Iraqi and south Kurdistan elections on 12 May this year, every party understands it well without saying the truth take silent, and we can say:
_Iran has failed in Syria, has only want announced it, Iran trying to maintain its full influence in Iraq and is struggling to prevent the arrival of tension to its itself homeland,. As a result of this hard conflict, only loser is the people of Iraq and southern Kurdistan.
_US did not bargain with Iran as before, as in the transfer of the US Embassy to Jerusalem, without concern for the feeling of Arabs or Muslims, their representatives asked the Kurds and Shea’s either to be friends or enemies.
_ Iran is trying to reach the majority and abolish the Constitution and judicial and administrative laws, including the Kurdistan region, and the formation of the Shea majority government and the implementation of the law of the State of Shea jurisprudence, They established the” Alhashed Alshebi ” for this purpose. America is trying to form a coalition between the winners of the elections and the formation of a government of partnership and implementation. Constitution of 2005, thus isolating Islam Kurdistan and Maliki’s close ally for Iran
In both the American and Iranian proposals, the Kurd did not avail, need for a return to the conflict. However, unfortunately, as a result of the partisan interests, they try to re-establish the experience of idrees Battlesi and the War of Chalderan 1532 in the 21st century (the entry of the Kurds into the Ottoman and Safavid conflict).
by looking the winning lists of elections, none of which has won the majority (more than 165 seats for 329 seat ), shows that the American luck more likely than Iran, But Iran wants its full influence in Iraq. For this purpose, Brit Mac Curk, the US president’s representative, and Qasim Sleiman, head of the Iranian “Alqudis Force” branch, day and night in Iraq moving, probably not been able to form a government for the time allotted to him.
Maybe happens:
_There is a civil war between the Shea factions, while Sunnis and Kurds exploit the opportunity for their agendas.
_Or a military coup d’état to take control of Iraq, would inevitably be in favour of the year before the Kurd.
For this reason, the number of seat is not important for the ability to orientation to America or Iran.
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