Continuation of kidnapping, torture, murder in Afrin

Continuation of kidnapping, torture, murder in Afrin

Afrin canton’s people have suffered from killing, kidnapping and torture by hands of the Turkish occupation army and its mercenary gangs, coinciding with continuing to demographic change.

The Turkish occupation army and its gangs are still continuing their daily violations against Afrin people ‘s district of kidnapping of civilians, who are being taken to unknown destinations, there is no information obtained about them, and mercenaries intensified kidnap and ask for money to release them.

According to a source from Sherawa district the mercenaries kidnapped several men and young men from Basota village , among them citizen whose name is Battal Zaki Hamsho , who was kidnapped by gangs and taken to an unknown destination where he was tortured and looted to be released later.

Citizen Adel Hassan Khaled was tortured 20 days after he was kidnapped by gangs of Liwa al-Fatah’s mercenaries abducted Khalil Khalil, 28 years, and was taken to an unknown destination and his fate remains unknown.

The sources confirmed that citizen Mohammed Mohammed, 35 years, was kidnapped five days ago and his fate remains unknown. While Khalil Kassem, Abdo ‘Arbush and Khalil Nur Restom (30) are still being held by gangs, with reports of torture.

Another source said that Turkish occupation army’s gangs kidnapped and tortured the young Mohammed Abdul Rahman Yusuf in Qoran village belonging to Janders area without mentioning the reasons.

The kidnappings and torture were not limited to men and young men. Turkish occupation army’s gangs carried out the kidnapping of the citizen Bushra Yousef Sheikho from the center of Afrin three days ago and her fate remains unknown.

In a related context, the people found corpse of Hanan Na’san killed in al-Sinah neighborhood in Afrin, after he was kidnapped by gangs for the second time.

Hanan Na’san, who was working in Democratic Autonomous Administration institution in the services department, was first abducted by gangs earlier and later released. However, mercenary gangs returned and kidnapped him again a few days ago. His fate remained unknown until the residents found his body where he was shot dead in al-Sinah neighborhood, and his body showed signs of torture.

It is worth mentioning that all these inhumane violations committed against Afrin people amidst international and regional silence, in addition to the continuation of the policy of demographic change in Afrin, which was the resettlement of the people of the countryside of Damascus in Afrin areas.

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