German women’s delegation calls recognition of al-Shahba camps

German women’s delegation calls recognition of al-Shahba camps

The German women’s delegation called the international institutions to recognize the camps existing in al-Shahba canton where thousands of Afrin people who were forced to escape from their homes due to the Turkish occupation army, in a statement.
The women’s delegation reached al-Shahba canton to support the Resistance of the Age and participate in the Kongra Star’s campaign launched under “Women, Revolt for Afrin” and to see the situation of the Kurdish Red Crescent’s medical centers in Sherawa and al-Shahba canton, and the sick.
The statement was read by the physician Sefantia Ilik, the text of the statement is:
“We came to research and report on the situation of refugees from afrin. Here we heard many painful and tragic stories of personal loss and violence. We harshly condemn the violation of human rights by the Turkish state and its jihadist allies. Especially today on the eighth of May, the day of liberation from German fascism, we condemn the cooperation of NATO states like Germany with the Turkish state. We support the demand of Afrin’s people to return to their homes in afrin safely. As health care workers, we observe an urgent need of sustainable health care and infrastructures especially for women and children in Shahba.”
We the women delegation from the feminist background and working in field of medical health care have been visiting two days 3 different camps of Shahba; spoke to logistic organization and a lot of health care members of heyva sor a Kurd and their logistic responsibilities.”
We demand the recognition of the displaced people from Afrin as refugees by the international institutions as UNHRC. Moreover, there is an urgent imperative to stop any weapon supply to the Turkish state. International observers and press need to get free access into Afrin. We call all women to rise up for Afrin.”

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