Thursday , November 15 2018
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Syria Returns its citizens. What is about Europe?

Syria Returns its citizens. What is about Europe? Sophie Mangal For the first time since the beginning of the Syrian crisis in 2011 a significant number of international experts, political analysts, and journalists have reported about the near conclusion of the civil war. The military operation of the Syrian Arab Army on the …

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German police preparing to attack in Cologne

The police in Cologne are preparing to attack to prevent tens of thousands of people from marching. The youth responded with a giant Öcalan poster and slogans. Kurds in Germany, leftist movements from Turkey, German democratic circles, Armenians, Circassians, Syriacs and Alevis came together in Cologne for the march for …

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Afrin: Violent clashes on day 8

Turkish bombardment continues on the 8th day of the attacks against Afrin. In many locations, violent clashes reported between the SDF and the Turkish army and their allied FSA groups. The aerial and terrestrial attacks launched by the Turkish army and FSA groups under them on January 20 continue on …

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