TCK announced its withdrawal from ENKS

TCK announced its withdrawal from ENKS

The TCK released a statement to the public opinion, and Hawar news agency considered a copy of it as it announced its withdrawal officially from the Kurdish National Council.

The statement included:

“After seven years of launching the revolution in West Kurdistan and our participation in constituting the Kurdish National Council (ENKS) in Syria believing in the necessity of cooperation and coordination among the youths, the national independents and the political parties, in addition to the importance of the Kurdish unity at this fateful stage, we, the Kurdish Youth Movement, announce our withdrawal from the council after all the conditions and requirements of respecting the other have been violated, and after failing our frequent attempts to stop deliberate marginalization and exclusion against us.

On the time when our Kurdish political movement in West Kurdistan is passing through a terrible dispersion, we promise to continue struggling for the rights of our people and to defend its cause.

We call on all the political parties to reject the mentality of marginalization and exclusion and the national unity serving our cause amid the continuation of the conflict in Syria and the great changes in the Syrian and regional squares

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