Afrin is home to participatory life

Afrin is home to participatory life
On his own initiative, Hussein Resho provides food to the residents of Afrin and makes his home a kitchen where four displaced women from the Arab component prepared food, for those coming from the villages that were destroyed and bombed by Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries.EFRIN-TIKLI-OLAN (2)
Thousands of families whose houses were destroyed by bombing of the Turkish occupation have come to the center of Afrin. Among the neighborhoods that received the residents, the old Afrin neighborhood, with a high spirit and morale, live in an uncooperative shelter, sharing a living and despite a lack of familial ties, but they are united by their spirit of communism, which shows their love.
Husain Resho, 60, from Afrin, is doing his best to bring all his food, mortar and vegetables to his two-room house in the neighborhood where residents from Afrin villages and districts live to help them secure a living.
Four women from the Arab component are also present in the neighborhood preparing the food. They are ‘Aufah Hesou, 75, Fatima Mohammed, 50, Mulida Jasem, 45, Tamama Abdel Hamid, 60.’
These women wake up early in the morning and head toward the small house to begin preparing food, share their work and offer different food to their families every day.EFRIN-TIKLI-OLAN (5)
One of them ignites the firewood to set fire to the pot and put the food on them, while the other cut the vegetables, to recount what happened to their home, which was targeted by the Turkish occupation army to each other.
After cooking the food, the women distribute food in form of meals at noon, and dozens of people in the old neighborhood of Afrin go to the house to take their food.
After the distribution of food and making sure that all the families have taken enough food, the women also take their share of cooking, to feed their children whom eagerly waiting for them.
The women then meet with each other for washing utensils and cooking utensils. After the work is completed, the four women plan to prepare food for the next day.EFRIN-TIKLI-OLAN (1)
“I meant Afrin because my house in the village was destroyed as a result of the occupation bombing, and now we women are determined and willing to prepare the food, to distribute it to the families in the neighborhood,” said Mulida Jasem from Marwaniya village of Janders area one of the women who prepare the food.
“When I visited one of my relatives in the neighborhood, I saw the people here and I wanted to help them so far. A month ago, on my own initiative, I offered them help and I will continue to do so to secure their daily food,” the citizen Husain Resho whom contributes and ensures the preparation of food said.

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